New Year Update: Wattwatchers MD Gavin Dietz

Happy new year everyone. I hope you all managed some downtime over the break. With 2017 shaping up in exciting ways for Wattwatchers, I thought I would signal our company’s direction for the first six months of the year.

Our successful 2016 has laid the foundation for approaching this new year with great optimism. This positive approach is further supported by the remarkable energy that is building in the Australian marketplace around distributed energy solutions, especially integrating battery storage with rooftop solar PV at the residential and small-scale commercial levels.

We are seeing energy technology groups from around the world converging on Australia, drawn by the world’s highest penetration of residential solar, our high local electricity prices, and the ‘global testbed’ opportunities provided by our marketplace.

This, combined with some amazing Australian innovation and ingenuity being displayed within all sectors of the ‘new energy’ space, is overcoming weak and often unhelpful national policy settings.

Wattwatchers is now extremely well positioned to provide energy data for a wide range of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and energy-as-a-service (EaaS) solutions, working with diverse homegrown and international partners.

Highlights for our first-half 2017 agenda include:

Stabilised product development - Our Auditor® range 3G devices, which were introduced early in 2016, have been market-hardened with 15,000 units in the field; our 2nd generation WiFi Auditor® devices will be released soon; and the range is being extended in 2017 from monitoring into circuit-level and major appliance control functions.  
Streamlined order process – Our team is working closely with counterparts from our manufacturing partner, Classtek, to streamline the order process and ensure rapid delivery both within Australia and internationally.

International expansion – We start 2017 with pilots or demonstration installations already under way in several countries, including the US, New Zealand, Malaysia and the Philippines, and overseas interest is accelerating. New announcements on international certifications will be made soon.

Higher profile – Building on our award-winning 2016, we are working towards a series of exciting partner, project and product announcements; speaking engagements for 2017 already are being locked in; sales and promotional trips are being scheduled; and our social media presence will be boosted.

My strong feeling is that 2017 is going to be a great year for ‘new energy’. I’m looking forward to the journey with you all. - Gavin

IoT for energy management on the rise globally

Wattwatchers #IoT4energy devices

According to a report from the respected international technology market research group Navigant Research, the deployment of IoT devices for energy management - like the Wattwatchers #IoT4energy devices pictured left - is set to surge over the next decade.

Titled 'Market Data: IoT Devices for Energy Management', the report's promotional summary says that it covers
global market analysis and forecasts for Smart Devices, EV Chargers, Wireless Sensors, Storage, Sub-meters, and Energy Management and Automation Systems. It forecasts that global residential and commercial IoT device revenue is expected to grow from $29.4 billion in 2016 to $123.8 billion in 2026.

The report summary flags three main challenges for the proliferation of IoT for energy management - being interoperability across different hardware and software platforms and different communications protocols, security risks, and lingering questions about the value proposition - but notes that the sector is aware of these factors and is responding.